My name is Julia, and here's some visual stuff i make in my spare time.


I like taking pictures. I admire documentary and event photography (even family events and weddings), adore macro and enjoy abstracts. I'm not that good at scenary pictures, and unfortunately am completely hopeless at everything that requires lighting equipment.

Here are some of my photos


I used to draw and paint a lot few years ago, then i switched to photography, but now i'm trying to get back to painting more again. I'm a proud owner of Wacom Cintiq now, and trying to get up to speed on digital painting for this new project i'm involved in.

Some of my drawings and paintings


I don't have a video camera, but i like making movies. I shoot them with my Nikon D300 6fps/stop-motion/time-lapse, and then edit them painfully with Adobe After Effects. Or i use iPhone to skip the first step.

More on vimeo