I am what i do, and i do what i am


Hi, my name is Julia, and while i'm not really an artist or a photographer, i make visual stuff.

I like simple things – capturing life around me in still or moving pictures, making things with my own hands or computer, spending time in places created by my imagination (no, i'm quite sane, i had me tested*).

And sometimes, i get unresistable urge to share it with others. So, instead of putting it on flickr, facebook or tumblr (i don't have any of those, by the way) i put it here (so no one can find it, like that tree in a forest). I don't capitalize is on purpose, and probably overuse commas (sorry).

I've been in GUI/web design since 2001, working for companies specializing in corporate webpages (Kryptis, Metasite Business Solutions), web and mobile applications (Metasite Business Solutions, Exigen Services Vilnius), usability and user experience researches (Metasite Business Solutions, Idea Code). My responsibilities included evaluating, supervising, and creating user interfaces, graphical design for web, corporate identity section__boundarys; flash animation and developement (AS2, AS3), and html/css development. I worked both full-time (waterfall and SCRUM processes), and as a freelancer, in a positions of Designer, Senior Designer and Art director. More about my experience on LinkedIn, portfolio link on demand.

My off-work interests are photography (see photography portfolio. I own a digital Nikon camera since 2006, but had lots of practice with an old 'Zenit' before that), typography, digital painting (see pictures portfolio), video (my works on vimeo), and other forms of visual art. I've also tried things like writing novels, shooting weddings, making toys, painting on glass, knitting and felting.

I've learned all this myself, my formal education has nothing to do with it. I have a Master degree in clinical phychology, with my final paper titled "Estimation solutions for problematic internet use" on the issue of internet addiction, presenting a self-evaluation tool. Someday i might get back to the topic and proceed with development of the tool. So yes, while obtaining my degree i got through various test, and none showed i'm crazy. You're safe.

If you don't know me, but would like me to do you some kind of favor (draw a picture, design something, take pictures of your event), i will most probaby politely refuse. I don't agree on any freelancing either, unless your project is simply breathtaking. But if you do know me, you know about all the exceptions i make.

If you have anything you want me to know, feel free to write wellagain.lt @ gmail.com.

Note that this website was created with html5/css3 (and Ruby on Rails - thanks T.! - but this is another story), caring about device screen sizes and modern browsers. So, if you're using an old IE, well.. i feel for you ;)

Browser testing no longer means attempting to make a website look the same in browsers of different capabilities or on devices with different size screens. It does mean ensuring that a person's experience of a design should be appropriate to the capabilities of a browser or device. - Stuff & Nonsense Contract Killer